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Patricia Marinescu publicat la: 27/02/2015

Dave Lombardo: I was meant to be on stage

Dave Lombardo: I was meant to be on stage

Fearless and heavy, Dave Lombardo answers our questions, before first Philm’s concert in Bucharest.

Congratulations on your 50th birthday! What is your wish for the next half of century?  Thank you!!! My wish is very simple, that it be filled with good health, happiness, love and DRUMS!!!

Is it true that Gene Hoglan influenced you as drummer? How would you describe your style of drumming? It is true that Gene was a tech for us (Slayer), and that he held by bass drum for me in rehearsal one day, and told me to focus on my left foot.  That’s the extent of it.  Love Gene, but that’s it.  My style of drumming: self taught, fearless & heavy.

Nowadays, whom do you find to be an interesting,innovative drummer? Edgar Livengood, Eloy Casagrande, Gabe Serbian...

Philm’s two albums reveal a different music formula, what’s your musical approach now?  My musical approach is to always try and create something you’ve never heard before.  Familiarity may breed hits, but being an innovator breeds fulfillment.

How do you feel now touring again?  Amazing!  I was meant to be on stage.  It’s where I’m most comfortable and alive.

Do you have a rigorous schedule for rehearsals? How many hours do you spend at the rehearsal studio? Do you cover songs? Not really.  I have a rigorous schedule in general with all the different projects I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of.  With PHILM, we rehearse when we can for as long as we can... but it may only be 5hours one day then nothing for two weeks.  We make it count though.  Shit... we can write an album in 5 hours… LOL.  We recently had to do some cover songs for a cruise.  I surprisingly enjoyed it.  We may keep a couple in our set.

How long can you use a pair of drum sticks?  It depends on my mood. 

Do you find it difficult to play on other drum kits than yours?   It’s not difficult, I just take them apart and make them my own.

Have you seen Whiplash the movie? What’s your opinion on that story?  Yes, I recently saw it on a flight coming back from South America.  Anything that brings attention to my instrument of choice is awesome.  But, wow... it was intense and at times upsetting.  It made me grateful that I’m self-taught! LOL.  All in all good movie.

Many thanks.

Thank you, Patricia.